Car Hire vs Public Buses in Crete

If you are thinking to travel to Crete for your summer vacation, you are most likely to find yourself facing a dilemma; Car hire or public transportation? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each choice?

public bus in crete

For families and individuals touring Crete, car rental is the only feasible way of getting around; just imagine arriving at Heraklion Airport carrying luggage, bags and kids and trying to find the nearest bus station. Lugging bags all over the airport or on to a bus is hardly a nice start to your vacation.

Car hire in Crete allows you to enjoy a hassle and stress free travel, ensuring some moments of relaxation for you. After all, you are visiting Crete in order to see something different, relax and unwind. You do not need additional sources of stress and anxiety or discomforts that may ruin your time.

Public Buses in Crete, advantages and disadvantages

In general, Crete has a well appointed network of public transportation with local and intercity buses, covering a large part of the main cities and attractions. Unfortunately, remote areas, picturesque villages, the imposing mountains of Crete and the pristine beaches are off-reach if you opt for public buses, simply because the main network is designed to serve a particular part of the island, as it is mainly used by commuters inside the city limits. This could be adequate for travellers who wish to access major cities or attractions in Crete, but for those who wish to explore this beautiful island buses will prove too limiting.

The issue of reliability and service is huge when it comes to public transportation. In Heraklion, as in all large cities with occasional heavy traffic especially during rush hour, punctuality is an issue. Although the routes are scheduled and the services try to follow the itinerary as much as possible, tourists are more likely to be left drained by the time of arrival, under the hot summer sun. Possible delays and timings of services can cause inconveniences in tourists’ sightseeing.

Cost of car hire in Crete

The cost of car hire in Heraklion and in Crete is quite affordable and reasonable; most car hire companies feature comprehensive fleets and offer large selection of cars to choose from; for tourists who travel on a budget and would consider using public transportation for financial reasons, there are economy compact cars in cheap prices and offers depending on the season. In any case, paying a many small amounts on public buses gives the impression of spending less money, but practically the difference is insignificant.

The cost of car hire combined with the comfort and convenience it offers accounts for tourists’ decision to opt for a car hire ever if they are travelling solo or light. Being able to visit any place you want, whenever you want, under any circumstances is not a small thing during vacation.

Plan your holidays the way you want

With a hire car you can plan every day the way you want. Being able to travel to your desired destination, rather than getting down somewhere close by, is a great comfort while on holidays in Crete. Car hire can liberate you from the limitations of public transport, allowing you to enjoy calm, safe and comfortable holidays, enjoy rides through scenic routes and picturesque settings.

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