Old Hersonissos and Piskopiano

Old Hersonissos and Piskopiano are two of the traditional villages not to be missed. Both are just a few miles from Heraklion and within walking distance of Hersonissos.

old hersonissos

Old Hersonissos

Old Hersonissos is located 2km away from the coastal town of Hersonissos. It is a small village that impresses the visitor due to the careful maintenance of local colors and traditions; opposite from the coastal part, Old Hersonissos is not popular among the youngsters, because the rhythms of life and the entire atmosphere here is more traditional and somewhat reminiscent of older times.

Old Hersonissos was founded at the 5th century AD, since the locals wanted to protect themselves from pirates and other sea related dangers and threats. Old Hersonissos was flourishing until the 50s, when Crete became a popular tourist destination both for Greeks and foreigners. Then, Hersonissos, the coastal harbor became the epicenter of tourist and commercial interest. The two places are vastly different; Hersonissos is bustling and wild, while Old Hersonissos still follows the same quiet and calming pace of the older times.

Old Hersonissos does not have clubs and bars; there are some local taverns and stores with traditional products. It retains its traditional architecture and boasts the small and narrow alleys – the trademark of island architecture in Greece – wells and wood burning ovens.

Rent a car and visit this village; take some time to enjoy a glass of raki in one of the café – taverns and grasp the feeling of old Crete.


Piskopiano is a nearby village of 450 residents, almost intertwined with Koutouloufari located at the feet of Pyrgia Heights. Piskopiano was mentioned in books for the first time in 1379 as part of the Great Episcope of Hersonissos.

It is one of the surrounding villages that also features lovely cobblestone paths and narrow alleys, traditional houses with little pots with flowers on their windows, a place reflecting the traditions and beauties of old Crete, ideal for those who are not that much into the bustling nightlife of Hersonissos.

Piskopiano features an Agricultural Museum, where visitors can admire a nicely appointed collection of traditional items and products. If you are a man of tradition, or you would like to take a glimpse into older Crete, this is a place you should visit.

Do you need a car to get to Old Hersonissos and Piskopiano?

Although Old Hersonissos and Piskopiano are not places where you can wander around using your car, reaching them could be a daunting task without a hire car.

Most of the tourists start their sightseeing tours around 10am, when sun is getting higher and warmer; during summer months it is not fun at all walking under the Cretan sun, and although the distances are not that big as Old Hersonissos and Piskopiano are 2-3km away from Hersonissos coast, the experience will not be pleasant.

Heraklion car hire can take you everywhere you want, with ease and comfort, allowing you to explore the region as much as you want; and truly, this region is worth exploring and discovering it.

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