Koutouloufari, a traditional village next to Hersonissos

Koutouloufari is a small, beautiful village, 1km south of Hersonissos and 32km away from Heraklion. Spending your holidays in Koutouloufari is ideal for someone who wants to enjoy the advantages of a big tourist resort, bars, restaurants and nightlife, without staying in it, though. Hersonissos is the largest seaside resort in Northern Crete, but its bustling and noisy setting is not for everyone.

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Koutouloufari, on the other hand, is a very cute and charming traditional village in Crete; as it lies on the hill above Hersonissos, it offers a magnificent view to the gulf and small harbor of the city. The village is an amazing blend of mountain and sea.

Holidays in Koutouloufari

Holidays in Koutouloufari have a different aura; the village still reminds and feels like a traditional Cretan settlement. There are many stores offering local products, tavernas with their own color and character, local residents who seem to be untouched by the sudden and maybe unexpected – to them – tourist development of the region. Koutouloufari has approximately 600 residents, although during summer months the population significantly grows, as many people come to work in tourist businesses in Hersonissos.

The village boasts a particular architecture, as the traditional houses are amphitheatrically built and feature arches adorned with other traditional elements. In Koutouloufari, tradition is depicted in details, in the attitude and mentality of the locals, in artifacts, the space interior, in both private and public places.

Picturesque cobblestone paths forming a maze, local colors, simplicity of life in Crete, everything is depicted in the most beautiful and expressive way here. Visitors, who want to unwind and relax, can find a vast array of accommodation options in this place; there are studios, restored mansions, and hotels of all kinds and types.

Koutouloufari is almost connected with another nearby village, Piskopiano, and in close proximity to Anissaras and Sarantari, two more settlements in Hersonissos. You can make short trips and excursions, wandering around these villages safely and comfortably using a car from Heraklion Airport Car Hire.

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