Questions and Answers for Car Hire in Heraklion

What you should know when hiring a car in Crete.

Q. I intend to make some long trips and excursions in the island, touring the biggest part of Crete. Will there be any extra charges based on the kilometres run?

A. There is no extra charge, the car hires come without any kilometres limit.

Q. I plan to travel within Crete and I need a roof rack in order to carry my tent. What is the additional charge?

A. We offer roof racks for all cars for free, upon request during the booking time.

Q.  What will happen if my car crashes or breaks down while I am outside or far from Heraklion?

A. We are at your disposal all day long, for whatever problem might occur and provide a 24/7 road assistance in cooperation with the most dependable insurance companies in Greece.

Q. I ran out of gas. Does my road assistance cover me? How can I find the closest gas stations in Crete?

A. Crete is an island featuring gas stations in abundance; you will find 24-hour gas stations in every large city and town, as well as in all highways on the island. Taxi stations and headquarters, as well as police stations, are the best sources of information regarding open gas stations nearby, at any time of the day. You can also find list of open gas stations pinned on the entrance of all gas stops. Road assistance can help you with any problem you might have all day long.

Q. What are the emergency phone numbers I need to know and have with me in case I have a problem?

A. In any case, you need to contact us. Additional useful phone numbers you need to have handy are the tourist police, traffic police, ambulance and fire brigade.

Tourist Police: 2810- 283 190, Traffic Police: 2810- 282 031

The phone numbers for any Police or Medical Emergency are: Police 100, Medical Emergencies 166 and Fire Brigade 199.

Number 112 is the International number for emergency calls and you can dial it, even if your mobile phone doesn’t have enough credit.

Q. I will be travelling with two little babies; are there any children seats available for the cars and what is their cost?

A. We can offer you children and baby seats for free. Add a note when you send the booking request.

Q. What are the speed limits in Crete? Are Cretan roads safe for fast driving?

A. In general the speed limits in Crete are: 90km/h (56 miles/hour) on highways, 50km/h (30 miles/hour) in residential areas. There is a well appointed system of road signs that informs you on the speed limits depending on where you are. In some cases these limits might be different and you will need to drive according to them, since police might be checking traffic.

Cretan roads are generally in good condition. In some places, when travelling to remote areas and small villages there might be winding roads or even bumpy roads, therefore you need to be cautious. In any case, you should abide by laws and follow the speed limits, even if they are lower than they should.

Q. I will be travelling with a friend and we both want to drive the hire car. Is it allowed? How much will that cost?

A. It is allowed and it costs 2€/day, provided that you both meet the legal requirements (age and driving license) in order to be driving according to the Greek and International Laws.

Q. Is alcohol consumption allowed before driving and how much can I drink in Greece?

A. Alcohol limit in Greece is 0,50mg and you need to respect it religiously, because alcohol tests are quite frequent on the island of Crete. DUI laws are very strict and you will be issued a ticket even if you are a tourist with a hire car. If you plan to drink more than it is allowed, have someone else drive you back safely.

Q. I want to have my hire car delivered at Heraklion Airport and return it again there, because I will be carrying much luggage. How much does it cost to have it delivered and return it at Heraklion Airport?

A. We can deliver your hire car for free at Heraklion Airport upon your arrival and you can also return it there without any additional cost. We have a local station in Heraklion Airport, so don’t worry about it.

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