Do you need a GPS Device in Crete?

Do you need a GPS device when driving in Crete? We, at Heraklion Car Hire, would recommend it, with no second thought.

gps device for driving in crete

Crete is a big island with abundant places of interest all over. Unless you are planning to stay within the city limits and drive around Heraklion airport and the main archaeological sites, you will definitely need a GPS device. Road maps can be quite detailed and helpful when it comes to cities and towns, or seaside resorts of Crete, but most of them are not as reliable as they should be when it comes to remote villages and areas.

Crete features a large number of scenic routes and picturesque villages and settlements. If you are an adventurous type and you feel like exploring, you are most likely to find places where you will be in doubt on which direction to follow – finding a local to ask can be a utopia in some places, therefore you will need a GPS to show you the way.

Moreover, when driving outside cities, road signs tend to become less frequent and less precise; in some cases they are so small that you will not be able to see them clearly. Roads in Crete do not feature large signs overhanging, as in freeways and highways, therefore information and orientation could be an issue. GPS device is, thus, recommended by every Crete car hire company.

Even if you are driving within the city limits, though, driving can also be a daunting task; winding narrow streets, one direction streets and heavy traffic can be a source of frustration for non locals. GPS can show you alternative routes and save your peace of mind and time.

GPS will help you find your way wherever you are in Crete, even without a map. When you define your destination on a GPS you will know in advance what route to take, when to turn, how to avoid dead ends, or any stressful situation that will make you desperately search for a local and ask for help. Cretan people are very nice and willing to help, but they won’t be around you everywhere and at any time.

GPS is more than a map substitute; it is a very useful driving tool that ensures safety, giving you precise information about the location and surrounding. Especially when travelling by yourself, GPS device is more than necessary. Well informed and updated GPS receivers can also provide additional useful information: you can get access to public transport information, location of sites and museums, open gas stations and much more.

The default language for all devices is English, however you may ask for any additional language upon reservation.

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