Matala and its beach

Matala beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Crete, renowned all over the world due to its uniqueness and beauty. Matala used to be the port of Gortys and Phaistos. It was a tiny fishing town that developed to be one of the most modern and scenic holiday resorts in the island.

the beach of Matala in Crete

Matala became known to the entire world during the 60s when hippies from every corner of the world were gathering there enjoying the lovely sea and the freedom offered grandly by this gorgeous inlet.

Artificial caves carved in the north part of the shores, sapphire blue waters and endless sandy beach is what you can expect when visiting Matala. The towering rocks, formed by the caves, are overlooking the waters and attract numerous tourists who choose to dive in the sea or simply lay and enjoy the sun.

Joni Mitchell wrote a song for her experience in Matala Beach along with the Hippie commune; the name of the song is Carey. The Flower Children, as they were called, didn’t manage to realise their conference as intended, however they managed to enjoy the beauty of the area and the breathtaking views to the Bay.

Today Matala Beach is a lovely tourist destination featuring resorts, hotels and numerous restaurants featuring the infamous Cretan and Greek Cuisine. It is situated approximately 70km from the city of Heraklion at the Messara Bay.

Matala Beach
Photo of Matala beach by lostajy

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