Minoan frescoes in Knossos

Knossos is a multi-storey building lying at almost six acres of land, which was built between 1700 and 1400BC. Walls were decorated by frescoes and other paintings, adding a sophisticated note to the Palace.

minoan fresco at the palace of knossos in crete

The Minoan frescoes portray a non militaristic and advanced society, featuring amazing themes and craftsmanship. One of their main characteristics is the color coding of the genders – men are shown with a ruddy skin while women with the white color that was a symbol of health and purity. In most frescoes both men and women are linked to athletic or other daily activities, such as bull leaping (like the Toreador fights) fishing, and water or flower gathering.

The most impressive frescoes are the ones located at the throne room. Although the focal point of the Throne Room is the throne seat made of alabaster, there is a large fresco depicting a Griffin (a lying down griffin).

Knossos is today the major archaeological tourist attraction in Crete, visited by thousands of tourists, both Greeks and Foreigners, every year. It is situated in close proximity to the Airport of Heraklion. Although the site remains open from 9am to 8pm, visitors are highly advised to avoid visiting at noon due to high temperatures and large crowds.

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