Lions fountain or Morosini fountain in Heraklion

The Lions Fountain, also known as Morosini Fountain in the heart of Heraklion, was built in 1628 by General Morosini, during the Venetian Rule in Crete. Francesco Morosini was the local Governor, who wanted to build a monument to commemorate the Venetian Success, driving water to the City Centre.

lions fountain morosini heraklion crete

Although the main goal was to create a replica of the famous San Marco Piazza in Venice, the Cretan plaza is of much smaller scale. Nevertheless, there are lions and other mythological creatures and scenes ornamenting the construction. The fountain consists of eight cisterns and depicts different scenes from the vast Greek Mythology: the basin is supported by the sitting lions and the top features Nymphs and Tritons. The water of the fountain comes from an aqueduct situated on Mount Youchtas, almost twenty kilometers away from the Heraklion Airport, via a well appointed and very sophisticated viaduct system.

Lions fountain or Morosini fountain

Today the plaza is known with three different names: The Morosini fountain, The Lions Fountain or Eleftherios Venizelos Plaza. In any case it is a major meeting point in the city; a bustling, animated place featuring numerous cafés, restaurants and shops, popular both among tourists and locals.

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