Situated on the N.E. coast of Crete, Hersonissos enjoys a very pleasant Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and warm, dry summers.

summer weather in hersonissos

Spring weather in Hersonissos

As the weather warms up during the months of March, April and May, spring is a particularly lovely season on Crete.  With temperatures rising from approximately 16°c to a pleasant mid-20’s, and with the countryside blooming with fresh vibrancy, Hersonissos spruces itself up for a new season.  Rainfall and chilly days are not uncommon during the spring but the sea temperature gradually increases and, by May, swimming is enjoyed by most.  Hardy souls may even swim during April.

Throughout the year, but most often in spring, Crete receives a southern blast of hot air from Northern Africa, namely Libya and its desert.  These dry, windy days are unseasonally hot and unpredicatable but fortunately only last for a day or two.

Summer weather in Hersonissos

Temperatures in the Hersonissos area typically rise from around 26°c to 32°c in June, to up to 35°c during July and August and the weather is hot and sunny during the day, with low humidity, and pleasantly warm in the evening.  Occasionally, temperatures soar to over 40°c and, when this occurs, the intense heat creates a lethargic stillness and dead-calm seas. 

Mostly however, the refreshing “Meltemi” breeze that blows in off the Aegean Sea at this time of year keeps the daytime temperature bearable and the evenings perfectly warm and gentle.  Sunsets over the western horizon are particularly beautiful during the summer months.  Sparkling summertime seas are warmed by the sun and Hersonissos is a leading area for watersports such as waterskiing, diving, paragliding and sailing.

Autumn weather in Hersonissos

From around the end of September and throughout October the temperatures become milder and generally fall to the mid 20’s although the sea retains its warmth and swimming continues.  Rain showers become more frequent, providing welcome relief from the summers’ heat and aridity.  Thunderstorms sometimes occur during this cooling-down period and are wonderfully spectacular!

In November temperatures are cooler still, at about 15°, and Hersonissos begins its preparations for a change of pace and focus.   Activity turns away from the sun and the sea – inland to the fields and mountains and age-old traditions of agriculture.

Winter weather in Hersonissos

So, the weather turns cold and snowfall on the Dikti Mountains and even the coastal range is common.  Rainfall is quite frequent, particularly in February, but generally the winter does not linger in Hersonissos.

Whatever the season, this corner of Crete is rich with natural beauty and offers a most charming atmosphere due to its mild climate and wealth of diversity in its geography.

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